Tollink South Africa offers various services in the tolling sector

Toll System Development & Integration

Our system is developed and customized in accordance with industry and customer standards and specifications.

We take into account the following:

  • In-depth analysis of the client’s requirements
  • Statutory requirements
  • Road User impact
  • Toll facility design
  • And other relevant issues

We customize our system to best suit these requirements within the operating environment.


Toll System Training

We offer comprehensive training solutions for our system. This training includes:

  • Determining minimum Staffing Requirements for operational purposes
  • Staff Assessment and selection for both operational and technical resources
  • On-Site training on a regular and ad-hoc basis for operational and technical resources

Toll System Support

Tollink provides 24/7 Support and also offers response and repair times for all aspects of our system; from Hardware to Software.   

Toll System Auditing & Consulting

We offer consultation services on tolling solutions, as well as auditing tolling system functions and related requirements.

Toll Banking & Clearing Services

We offer a fully integrated and centralized banking and clearing service to our Clients and their Road Users.


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