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TOLLINK South Africa has over 30 years of experience. Our global footprint increases yearly, thanks to our trusted international partnerships. 

Our Core Industries

Below is the core industries we service. about these industries and what they involve on our FAQ page.

Electronic Toll Collection

ETC refers to the electronic identification of a user via a DSRC method, between an on board unit (OBU) also known as an e-tag…

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Intelligent Transport Solutions

ITS is the application of sensing, analysis, control and communications technologies that operate in synergy across a common platform…

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Toll Collection

TC is where motorists stop along an open road or highway to pay a toll fee at a toll plaza at certain locations on route to their destinations…

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High Speed & Low Speed, High Accuracy, Enforcement Integration, Tyre Monitoring.

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For people on the move

TOLLINK, The Toll Management System Integrator & Specialist

People will always be at the centre of our solutions. It is our aim to make traffic as free-flowing as possible. As part of our Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), we developed free-flow tolling solutions to ensure better traffic flow, fully automated road-side vehicle recognition, and tracking. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and Carbon Reduction Solutions that are implemented in our projects.

Our Core Services

Development & Integration

Toll System Training

Toll System Support

Auditing & Consulting

Toll Banking & Clearing

Countries around the world use various tolling technologies as a means to support high-quality roads, transportation infrastructure, and the economy, using various tolling systems. We offer over 30 years of experience in the industry, providing an integrated approach to tolling and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

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